Seventh Heaven Bio* Salon

South Surrey Organic Salon - Healthy Beauty for Skin and Hair


What is a Bio* Salon, You Might Ask?

Seventh Heaven *BIO HAIR SALON is a “clean air” environment, free of noxious odours and aerosols - with low-EMF *Chi styling tools; Specializing in Non-toxic / Non-Ammonia Hair Colour, Certified Organic Hair Care products, styling, and skincare products. Without the use of harmful ammonia, parabens, ppd's, peg's, sulfates and more, our certified organic & low-synthetic products do not strip natural oils nor irritate your scalp, while giving you the personal service, stylish cut & luminous colour your heart desires. All Hair services include relaxing shampoo and scalp massage followed by gentle drying/styling.

Does The Colour Last?

Yes! Our Natural Haircolour products are salon tested to stand the test of time. Formulated for various types and colours, our organic low-synthetic products often produce better results than conventional chemical colour, without the cuticle or protein damage to your hair. Standard ammonia products, when combined with hydrogen peroxide, create a chemical explosion which blasts the cuticle open, damaging the hair shaft, leaving hair dry, brittle, and subject to breaking.

We have a range of colour lines, depending on what is right for you, from difficult grey coverage, rich dark shades to luminous blond lights and everything in between! Seventh Heaven Hair Gallery & Bio Salon Ltd is dedicated to providing each of our clients with advanced styling & colour techniques and top-quality products. Just ask our cherished clients; * link

Do You Offer Modern Salon Treatments?

Seventh Heaven is a healthy organic alternative service professional salon in a quiet home setting. We specialize in healthy organic and low-synthetic professional haircolour services and skincare products, luminous hair colour and precision cuts and styling. Sorry, no perms or facial aesthetics. We put the ‘CARE’ back in hair care!

Precision hair cutting, low chemical/damage free hair colour, restores damaged hair. But more than that, we listen to what you want and weigh out the advantages and disadvantages, so you do not compromise health or beauty. Whatever your age or lifestyle, Seventh Heaven Hair Gallery & Bio Salon Ltd is dedicated to providing each of our clients with the most advanced techniques and top-quality body products. Our products and services address a full spectrum of individual needs and types. From a fully equipped professional home salon located in a relaxing setting in forested Ocean Park, our experienced colour stylist continuously upgrades her skills and knowledge within an ever changing beauty industry to offer the most advanced techniques and professional expertise with personal care.

Why Should I Choose Seventh Heaven Hair Gallery & Bio Salon Ltd?

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury but essential to your over-all health. Seventh Heaven Hair Gallery & Bio Salon Ltd offers personalized services from professional staff who takes the time required to make you feel special and understand your particular needs. From the moment you walk through the door count on personalized and attentive service from our top beauty experts.